12.08 club-ubuntu WAN party

Thursday, December 18, 2008

so i need to get me arse in gear and prepare for the WAN party i’m organizing/running for the ##club-ubuntu crew on freenode (see also: club-ubuntu.org and launchpad.net/~club-ubuntu for more info on them).

(see https://lists.launchpad.net/club-ubuntu/msg00014.html for a list of games, summary, etc. Note: it isn’t in that email, but we also added armagetronAD to the rotation list).

still on the to-do:

-configure/test armagetronAD
-configure/test cube2/sauerbraten
-enable/test voting on urban terror

it’s open to anyone who wants to play! i encourage you to stop by and check it out. connection details are in the topic for the ##club-games channel on freenode.

all the games are free in cost at the very least, and most are fully open-source as well. all have linux ports, all have windows ports as well, and most have mac ports also.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

i’m going to try to start blogging again.

linux and other tech stuff is gonna be on this’un, and personal life will be at blogspot.

obviously, the other one will probably get more frequent posts.

(“Falling Out of Love with You” – the 6ths)

today is spring cleaning day!

except it isn’t spring. but i AM cleaning the apartment in preparation for a certain (insert long string of positive adjectives here) lady friend of mine’s visit.

and doing homework.

and laundry.


(“Secret” – Citizens Here and Abroad)

…whatever happened to me updating at the very LEAST twice a week?

yeah. sorry about that. things got a little hectic.

but i’m taking the time to update!

so here’s what’s new:

-new job! i now work at ACE Technology Group in Malvern, PA. it’s an hour-long commute from me, but that’s okay. i’ll move closer once i’m salary instead of contract (3 months).

-new girl! she’s fantastic, beautiful, sweet, kind, loving, cuddly, adorable, quite short, quite attractive, and loves jesus. still have no idea how i managed to pull this one off, but i’m absolutely smitten. even just thinking about her makes me all sorts of giddy and other kinds of non-masculine things.

-it’s really cold. and i hate cold weather.

that’s it, in a very oversimplified nutshell.

alela diane’s “the rifle” is, quite simply, a song i could listen to on loop for a day or two straight and not get tired of it.

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for those of you linux newbies, i’m copying over some comments i made on Lifehacker.com for the benefit of you guys.

(sorry for the messy formatting. maybe i’ll clean it up some other time. VERY text-heavy, but has a LOT of good info in it.)

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“you’re letting the terrorists win!”

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

i live in my friend B’s basement. it’s not as weird as it sounds; he’s about a decade older than me, i’ve known him for ten or so years, and the basement’s actually furnished into a complete apartment- bedroom, kitchen w/stove, sink, etc., bathroom, living room, etc. and i pay him rent so i’m definitely not mooching.

occasionally we’ll talk about politics. well, he’ll talk about them. i prefer not to because it usually only ends in argument or judgment, etc. because people seem to think that your character should be entirely based upon your ideas of political guidance and so forth.

well, over the past two days it really hit the fan.

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